Message from our President and CEO
Stephen D. Westhoven

New Jersey Resources (NJR) supports a continued focus on responsible corporate governance. Our adherence to ethical business practices and principles is at the core of our company and everything we do. It is essential to meeting our commitments to all of our stakeholders and has established NJR as a leader in the area of corporate governance.

We maintain a strong system of internal accounting controls, and our Board of Directors, sensitive to responsible governance, provides strong and effective corporate oversight. Many of the key practices mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the New York Stock Exchange have been in place at NJR for several years.

All our outside directors are independent, and our Audit Committee has the financial knowledge and industry expertise to provide appropriate oversight and guidance. The importance of their independent evaluation and corroboration of our company's principled behavior is integral to our values.

The guidelines and procedures we have adopted and include here reflect our commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance, and we will continue to ensure that our efforts foster integrity in our people and in every aspect of our business.

We appreciate the opportunity to share this information with you. Follow the links listed to review our corporate governance documents.

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